Biography and Research


Documentary author and director since 1988, he has won several international prizes. He has authored and directed many scientific-geographic-explorative tv programs and series: in Italy for RAI, Mediaset, Stream and Sky (MTC); abroad for National Geographic TV, NOVA PBS, Discovery Channel, Arte, La Cinquieme, RTBF, Planète, SBS and others.
He has authored several productions for Italian channel La7, among which the series “Missione Natura”.
One of his films about archaeology in the Earth of Fire has won several prizes, among which the prestigious Rovereto International Archaeology Film Festival. One of his works, dedicated to the discovery of an underwater volcano in the Sicily Channel, has won the first prize at the Rome Festival of Scientific Documentary. In the last years he has popularized science for the INGV (Italian Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology) and for the Italian Civil Defense. He has also re-enacted several underground explorations for National Geographic Italy and La7.
He is cofounder of the “Puntodoc” society in Italy and of “Geographica Mexico Project” and “Speleoresearch & Films” in Mexico. In 2001 he was artistic director of the first International FilmFestival “L’avventura dell’Uomo” in Castellana Grotte (Apulia). Since 2007 he has been director of the National Prize “Franco Ferrari” (Latium region) for the best tv reports.
He has taught film direction and documentary production in Italy, Polonia (Zakopane Film Festival) and Albania (University of Tirana). Since 2006 he has been director of the project “Professione Reporter”, developed for Latium region with the municipality of Magliano Sabina.
From 1999 to 2006 he has been president of the European Institute “Pangea-Onlus” for Environmental Education and Interpretation situated in the National Park of Circeo.
Speleologist and climber since 1975, he has conducted more than 50 explorations and scientific expeditions in many regions of the world. From 1995 to 1997 he has taught “Carsism and Speleology” at Chiapas University of Sciences and Arts (Tuxla Gutierrez, Mexico), and since 1998 he has collaborated with the Chiapas Institute of Natural History.
He has been regional responsible for the Italian Mountain and Spelological Rescue Association for over 11 years, member of the directive board of the Italian Speleological Society and president of La Venta Association ( from its foundation to 1997.